About Us

GPBackups is a specialist data backup service provider that opened its doors in 2013. Morris Goodman, the owner of the business, brings with him over 30 years’ experience in the corporate IT support environment and is passionate about keeping our clients’ data safe. We regard reliable and regular data backups as the key to the success of any business’s IT operations. Our offsite data backup solutions ensure that all business data is secure and available for restore in the event of a computer crisis. We share our experience and provide advice on tailormade disaster recovery plans to best prepare our clients for those eventualities that can cause major losses to the organisation if critical data is

not kept safe. We guide our clients through a process to create and test such disaster recovery plans to enable them to confidently recover critical systems and return to normal business operations in the shortest space of time. As businesses evolve and technology improves, we optimise our clients’ legacy backup system and processes to ensure that it runs as expected and that their data is protected. Keeping data secure is not a once-off purchase or service – we build lasting relationships with our clients, and we are serious about exceptional service and quality control within our business. As our name implies, GPBackups is Gauteng based, but deliver services countrywide. We are a certified Level 3 BBBEE contributor.

Our Mission

To provide SMEs with best-in-class monitored protection of critical business data, and help them to recover their systems from partial or total data loss.

Our Vision

Build and maintain long-term relationships with our customers and vendors. Be honest and consistent in our dealings with our customers and vendors. Remain committed to being reliable, ethical and dependable while delivering excellent service.

Our Objective

A backup is not a proper backup if it’s not kept offsite. Once a backup is run and completed, all data is off the site and secure. We help our customers to comply with the data retention requirements as set out by their industry regulators. We regard ourselves as a member of the clients’ IT Services Provider team and work with all role players to ensure that the IT environment runs securely and in an optimum manner.

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