Frequently Asked Questions

Why your backup data should be Offsite

An Offsite backup is where a Backup is done and the backup data is transported to an alternate Location. An Offsite backup should survive the following types of Incidents.

  • Theft of Computer equipment from Protected Computer Site.
  • Loss of the Protected Computers location due to Natural Disaster.
  • Civil Strife which results in Protected Computers being destroyed or inaccessible for extended periods of time.

The GPBackups System encrypts the backup before transporting the protected data to the offsite location electronically, via the internet, as part of the backup process.

What is a Point in Time Restore

A Point in Time restore enables you to restore your information as it existed at a nominated point in time. So you can restore your files to how they existed 1, 2, 3 or 10 days ago for example.

This is extremely useful in the case where information has been corrupted gradually and randomly over time like a ransomware infection does. A Point in Time backup system will have a calendar picker where you can choose which date to restore all your information, or an individual file from. The GPBackups system has “point in time” restore capabilities as a default.

Can USB Drives be used for backups

The usage of USB sticks has made it very easy to move/copy data from one machine to another. However the following risks are introduced through the usage of USB Sticks.

  • A file that has a vulnerability in it can be spread between machines.
  • A Virus can be transferred from one machine to the next.
  • Commercially sensitive files can leak out of a company through the usage of private memory sticks.

The usage of memory sticks should be minimised to essential usage only. Not private data or entertainment files should be transferred via Memory sticks, as this increases the probability of a virus or vulnerability being spread in an organisation.

Do I have to manually start the backup

The GPBackups system is designed to run automatically once setup.

Where is my Backup data Stored

The backup data is stored in a Secure Data Center that has the following features:

  • 24×7 Physical Security
  • Manned on a 24×7 basis
  • Multiple Air Conditioning Systems
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Multiple Internet links

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