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Backup Tape Technology was introduced very early in the history of Computing.

The spinning wheels in the old movies are backup tapes running. Technology has evolved over time, progressing backup tape systems to cartridge-type formats for enhanced data protection. By the time the first home computers were released, the music cassette tape format briefly served as a data storage device. Although functional, it was slow and unreliable. For those unfamiliar with music cassette tapes, see Cassette Tape on Wikipedia.

Various proprietary tape formats emerged, but the LTO Tape format has become a standard, developed by a consortium of major IT vendors. Here are important considerations for using Backup Tape:

  • Tape Version Tracking: Prevent accidental overwrites by implementing controls in your backup environment. Use cataloging, date stamps, and color-coded labels for effective tracking.
  • Tape Storage: Store tapes in a secure environment with humidity and temperature control. Rotate tapes offsite regularly for protection against operational site loss due to events like fire or civil strife.
  • Backup Tape Wear: Tape heads wear over time, leading to increased error rates. Implement a test restore schedule and replace tapes showing errors. Clean tape drives regularly, and consider head replacement if needed.
  • Backup Tape System Optimization: If you have a legacy backup system not meeting expectations, we can help optimize your processes. Assess the following:
  • Check if the backup system is still operational.
  • Ensure it can handle the workload.
  • Verify offsite backup copies are created daily.
  • Evaluate manual tape rotation processes.
  • Plan for backup operations in the absence of the person responsible.
  • Regularly conduct restore tests.
  • Monitor backups effectively.
  • Access physical repair services for your Tape Drive System.

If you're dealing with an old backup system that needs attention, GP Backups is here to assist you in optimizing your backup processes and ensuring the protection of your valuable information.

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