Using USB Drives for Data Backups

Where a small business uses a USB drive as a backup, there are common pitfalls that need to be addressed to ensure data security.

Methodology: In the majority of cases, small businesses copy information to a USB drive daily, resulting in the previous day's backup being overwritten. This manual process has negative implications such as overwriting good data with corrupted or virus-infected data.

Risks: USB drives pose risks as they can get lost, stolen, or reused. Transporting the backup USB disk home alongside the laptop increases the chances of both being lost or stolen, exposing critical company information.

POPI Implications: From a POPI (Protection of Personal Information) perspective, the mishandling of USB drives can lead to data breaches and non-compliance.

Correct Way: A USB drive can be part of a secure backup system with "Point in Time" restore capability. GPBackups provides this advantage, allowing the latest backup to be restored from the USB drive at LAN speed and point-in-time restores from offsite across the internet.

If you are currently using USB drives for backups without a secure "point in time" system, talk to us to ensure the safety of your data.