Why Backup Your Computer's Information

Data is the lifeblood of a business, and the impact of data loss is often felt when it's too late. Discover the critical reasons for backing up your company's data.

Legal Requirements: Compliance with legal obligations is crucial. Entities like the South Africa Revenue Service (SARS) require financial records to be kept for defined periods, accessible for inspections and tax audits. This includes electronic and physical records.

Medical Records: Legal obligations also dictate the retention and availability of medical records as required by legal authorities.

Debtors Records: Debt recovery processes rely on financial records related to debtors. A loss of data compromises your ability to justify debt recovery in legal proceedings.

Operational Requirements: For businesses relying on IT systems, data loss leads to inefficiencies and missed business opportunities, affecting customer and supplier data.

Design Services: Professionals like web, graphic, and architectural designers face significant time and cost implications in recreating lost data, impacting their services.

General Business Management: Loss of spreadsheets, word documents, and other essential data negatively affects business operations, resulting in potential losses and inefficiencies.

Email: Email communication is legally recognized as electronic contracts. Losing emails compromises essential business communications with customers, suppliers, and staff.

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