Impact of a Stolen Laptop

The majority of small businesses in South Africa use a USB stick to back up their data, often kept in the same bag as their laptop, making data loss a significant risk.

Risk: In the unfortunate event of a stolen laptop, where a USB stick is commonly kept, all copies of critical data are lost. This includes items such as:

  • Previous quotes issued in Excel or Word.
  • Debtor information.
  • Supplier payment details.
  • Agreements and emails saved on the machine.
  • Work schedules, employee information, and salaries.

Over half of the small businesses that lose data struggle to fully recover, facing financial losses or even going out of business.

Solution: Having a backup copy in another location or using a traditional backup program allows for data recovery once the laptop is replaced. However, GPBackups Cloud backup service offers a unique feature. You can log in to the Cloud backup portal from any internet-connected workstation, download files from your latest backup, and continue working on them using any other machine. The Cloud Backup Server enables you to restore to a specific point in time, providing flexibility in data recovery.